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(All works are delivered in small cardboard with white mat 30 x 40 cm)




  Axel Martínez Rodríguez (Havana 1973) (resides in Girona, Spain)


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(All works are delivered in small cardboard with white mat 30 x 40 cm)




  Axel Martínez Rodríguez (Havana 1973) (resides in Girona, Spain)

                                Cuban-Spanish nationality


Brief biographical description of the artist.


Receives first prize for sculpture at 8 years in school Guillermo Llabres, where he was studying in primary school. At this time, he began his studies in painting and sculpture courses at the National Museum of Fine Arts. Enrollment at the University in the Specialty of Art Education Promotion (1992-1997).


In 1994 joins the ACAA (Cuban Association of Artists) and in 1998 became an active member of the Address, as a member of the Evaluation Committee, and Head of Public Relations Specialty Miscellaneous, activities held until 2000.    


2 -    Individual exposures.


  1993 - \"Renaissance\" Art Workshop Centro Habana. (The   Habana).                                                                   & nbsp;

  1994 - \"Cats and others.\" Asturiana Castropol Association. (Havana).

  1994 - \"Signatures.\" Maria Villar Buceta Library. (Havana).

  1995 - \"Twentieth Century.\" Amelia Pelaez Gallery. (Havana).

  1997 - \"I and Me.\" Asturian Federation of Societies. (Havana).

  1998 - \"Metal.\" Pedregal de Cubalse Gallery. (Havana).

  1998 - \"Figures in Time.\" Museum of the Revolution. (Old Palace         Presidential) (Havana)

  1999 - \"appropriate.\" Carla Gallery. (Havana).

  1999 - \"Deakydealla.\" Galeano Gallery. (Havana).

  2000 - \"A-God.\" Laity House Gallery. (Havana).

  2000 - \"up\". Pinxo Hotel. (Gerona).

  2004 - \"the good old days.\" Taller de Arte of Centro Habana. (Havana).

  2010 - \"llums i moviments\" Amalgam Teteria library. (Girona).

  2010 - \"llums i moviments\" l\'os Cal. (Girona).

  2010 - \"2 x 2\". L\'Artau. Caldes de Malavella. (Girona).

2010 - \"2 x 1.\" Civic Centre Sant Narcis. (Girona).

2011 - Faces i altres things Joan Sala Vinyoli (Santa Coloma de Farners).


3 -    Group shows.


1993 - \"Waiting for the Biennale.\" Taller de Arte of Centro Habana. (Havana).

1993 - \"First Art Exhibition T. Youth Association.\" Taller de Arte of Centro Habana. (Havana).

1993-1994. \"My Town.\" Palacio de Turismo. (Havana).

1994 - \"Fifth Latin American and Caribbean Arts Education.\" Palacio de las Convenciones. (Current State Meeting Center). (Havana).

1994 - \"Bienal de la Habana.\" Casa de la Cultura in Old Havana. (Havana).

1994 - \"Fifth Salvador Valero Bienal de Arte Popular. Venezuela. (Caracas).

1994 - \"Orishas.\" Museum of Education. (Havana).

1994 - V Bienal Arte Sacro. (Argentina).

1995 - \"ACAA\". Gallery Los Tres Reyes. (Morro Castle). (Havana).

1995 - \"FESOESCU.\" Teatro García Lorca Imago.Gran Gallery. (Havana).

1995 - \"ACAA.\" Hotel Nacional de Cuba. (Havana).

   1995 - \"Youth T Art Association.\" Karla Gallery. (Havana).

   1995 - \"Annual Award Juan Francisco Elso Contemporary Painting.\" Palacio de Bellas Artes. (Havana).

    1996 - \"Colonial Hall.\" Museum of the Revolution. (Former Presidential Palace). (Havana).

    1999 - \"Fifth Meeting Provincial Art Flora 99. Casa de la Cultura de Marianao. (Havana).

    1999 - \"First National Painting for Peace.\" UNESCO Regional Office. (Havana).

    1999 - \"Naturarte99.\" Hotel Villa Panamericana. (Havana).

    1999 - \"Expo week Cuba in Portugal.\" Exhibition in Oporto and Lisbon. (Porto-Lisbon)

1999 - \"Expo week Cuba in Spain.\" Campus Madrid. (Madrid)        

2009 - \"Art apart.\" Cáceres. (Extremadura).

2009 - \"X expo international day of painting.\" Biblioteca de Sant Adrià del Besos (Barcelona).

2009 - Art for Integration (First expo Cultural Integration Group). Barceloneta Civic Center. (Barcelona). & Nb sp;                            

2009 - Expo Casal de Barri of Prosperity. (Barcelona).

2009 - Expo to carrer for International Day of Painting c/Allada- Vermell. (Barcelona).

2009 - Art for Integration (Integration Group II cultural expo.) Santa Coloma de Farners Library. (Gerona).

2009 - National Competition Minicuadros   Muz-Martínez. Gallery San Vicente. (Alicante).

2010 - Integration Art. Meeting Hall, Town Hall Vidreres. (Girona).

2010 - Integration Art. Riudarenes Library (Girona).

2010 - Integration Art. Consell de Figueres. (Girona).

2010 - Art for Integración.Casa of Culture of Miranda del Ebro (Burgos).

2010 - Little Red Formato.Galería Collective 03. (Barcelona)

2010 - ADIP. Corte Ingles Puerta del Angel. (Barcelona).

2010 - Integration Art. Civic Centre Pla de Palau. (Girona)

2010 - Artistes de Girona, L\'Amistad Society, Casino Cadaqués. (Girona)

2010 - Integration Art. Civic Centre Santa Eugenia. (Girona).

2010 - Integration Art. Centre Civic Riera Blanca. (Barcelona).

2010 - Colors and emotions. Sala Jaume Valor. (Barcelona).

2010-2011 - Walking Gallery.Galería Encant. (Girona).

2011 - Walking Gallery.La cova de les cultures. (Barcelona).

2011 - Contemporary Art Fair Barcelona (SWAB) (Gallery Walk).


4-Fairs and Exhibitions.


  1993 - \"FIART.\" International Media Center. (Havana).

  1994 - \"Expolingua.\" National Capitol. (Havana).

  1995 - \"Expolingua.\" Palacio de Bellas Artes. (Havana).

  1997 - \"FIART. Pabexpo Fairgrounds. (Havana).

  1999 - \"FIART. Pabexpo Fairgrounds. (Havana).

  2000 - \"Arts and Crafts Fair. Riudarenes. (Girona).

  2005 - \"Fair of the Indians\". Begur. (Girona).

  2009 - Exhibition of Painting of November 1. (Girona).

  2010 - Exhibition of Painting of May 1. (Figueres).                                                                                                          

2010 - Exhibition of Painting of November 1. (Girona).

2011 - Walking Gallery (Barcelona).

2011 - Painting Exhibition May 1. (Figueres).

5-Awards and distinctions.


1981 - First Prize for Sculpture Infantil.Guillermo Llabres. (Havana).  

1993 - First Prize for Young Art Talentos.Taller Centro Habana. (Havana).

1994 - Recognizing the youngest member of the ACAA (Havana).

1996 - Award for Artistic Labor in the Community. (Havana).

1999 - Mention Naturarte 99. (Havana).


6-Paintings in Museums and Collections.


1997-2000 - Exhibition Permanente.Galería Imago. (Havana).

1997-2000 - Exhibition Permanente.Galería Victor Manuel. (Havana).

1997-2000 - Exhibition Permanente.Galería Forms. (Havana).

1998-2000 - Permanent Exhibition Gallery Los Tres Reyes Del Morro. (Havana).

1999-2000 - Exhibition Permanente.Galería the Conference Center. (Havana).

1999-2000 - Exhibition Permanente.Galería La Casona. (Havana).

1999-2000 - Permanent Exhibition Gallery El Pedregal. (Havana).

1999 - Mural front of Cuatro Caminos, Habaguanex. (Havana).

1999 - Donation of Artwork to the UNESCO World Heritage.

2000 - Donation of Artwork to the House Lay. (Havana).

2004 - Donation of Artwork to Taller de Arte of Centro Habana.

2009 - Permanent Exhibition. Espai D\'Art Contemporani Pedreguet Gallery Fons (Amer, Girona).


2010-2011 - Exhibition RED Permanetente.Galería 03 (Barcelona).


2010 - Permanent Exhibition Gallery Encant (Girona).

2010 - Art & Edition Artuality House (France).


Collections / private /: Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, USA, Canada, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, England, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Croatia, Cyprus , Greece

Australia, Thailand, Israel, China, Japan, Dubai and Iran.




7 - Other.



Plana Press interviews:    \"Prensa Latina. (2)              Figueres-Journal, 9 (1).

                                         \"Juventud Rebelde. (1)        Daily hour-Nova. (1)

                                         -Workers. (1)               \"Diario de Burgos. (3)

                                         -Journal of Girona. (10)       -Miranda (Burgos) (1).

                                         - Journal of Emporda (1).      \"Diari de Terrassa. (1)

                                         - Review Bonart. (2)            -Daily points. (3)

                                          Barcelona-Culture (1)          -ABC (1).

                                          -Magazine No. 151 and 152 (2)    \"The vanguard (1).

TV interviews:        Tele-Rebelde. (2)               Nort-Channel. (Figueres) (3)

                                                -CHTV. (1)                 -BTV. (2)


Radio Interviews:           Clock-Radio (8).          -Catalunya radio (1)

                                           Encyclopedia-Radio. (3)-Radio Taino. (6)


                                           -CMBF. (2)                    -Radio Rebelde. (1)


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